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Oostburg Concrete Products has over 60 years of experience in basement and concrete work. We offer a variety of products for all your concrete needs from footings and foundations to decorator brick and concrete designs.

Poured Walls and Footings

A poured concrete foundation by Oostburg Concrete, Inc. is designed to give a lifetime of structural stability to your new home.  Whether you are building a small addition to your home or building new, our company will give the time and attention to do the job right.

The clay soil that is prevalent in Southeastern Wisconsin is rated at a higher PCF (pounds per cubic foot) than in many other areas, and therefore places a greater strain on the foundation wall.  Reinforced poured concrete walls are a preferred system to address some of the problems associated with the heavy clay in our area.   This poured foundation will not weaken in a few years as a block foundation is prone to do.

Another problem that arises from the clay soils is this area is hydrostatic pressure caused by the ability of the red clay to hold water.   As the soils around a foundation become saturated with ground water or rain water, the PCF of the soil becomes much greater, therefore exerting more and more pressure on a home’s foundation.  Poured concrete foundations are designed to withstand the extra pressure and with proper grading and reinforcing steel installed in the walls, will stand the test of time.

As construction costs continue to rise, many homeowners are looking to use their basements as additional living space.  In such cases, a leak in a basement wall can mean thousands of dollars in damage.   A poured concrete wall will help to keep your basement dryer than a block wall, as it is much less porous.   

At Oostburg Concrete, we offer several waterproofing choices with extended warranties to help ensure your basement will remain dry for years to come.  Be sure to ask about the one that best fits your building requirements.

Other Benefits of Poured Walls

  • Poured walls offer a stronger alternative to block walls—they are more durable, stronger and drier.

  • Wisconsin winters can halt many construction projects, but basement walls can be poured all year long. 

  • Because it takes less man-hours, poured walls can be constructed more quickly than block basements.

  • If there is cracking and leaking, poured basement walls can be easily repaired.  Repairing a block basement can be more costly as it make take excavation and other hidden expenditures to fix the problem.

  • Poured walls increase the value of your home.  Poured walls are competitively priced in today’s fast-paced market, therefore translating into not only a better price for your home, but selling more quickly.

  • Poured walls also offer the home owner the ability to have a ready-made brick interior to the family room or other living areas in the basement.  Our brick-pattern forms are very popular.

Basement Waterproofing

Our basement waterproofing system will solve most of the moisture problems that we encounter.   This TUFF N DRY ™ membrane which is sprayed on can effectively manage to control the transfer of moisture  in your home or commercial building.

More than 20 years of research and experience has gone into developing the innovative performance of this product, which has increased satisfaction to homeowners and builders alike.  Oostburg Concrete is pleased to be able to provide this service to its customers.

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